elena kupreeva


Elena is a Swiss contemporary artist. Best know for her anti-stress colouring books, she works with an array of styles and techniques. Her work has been exhibited and commissioned across Europe and U.S. She has been featured in many publications by, for example, British Vogue, Boesner Schweiz Catalog, Golf Pleasure & Taste magazine, Life Magazine and etc.

She began her art studies at a young age. Later in Washington D.C. she graduated the Duke Ellington School of the Arts "Blue Ribbon" high school majoring in Visual Arts and went on to explore graphic design at Corcoran School of Arts and Design. 

Elena then took a break from her artistic pursuits to explore the executive business world, working in various fields from sales for management consulting to contractors supervision for one the Worley Parsons most ambitious projects - the very first open sea oil extracting platform, to leading investment projects .  

Moving to Switzerland in 2010 proved to be a fresh start for Elena, where she took to the easel with new ardour.