elena kupreeva


Here you can find the complete portfolio of Elena's artwork by Series


 Art in many of its forms has always fascinated me. The ability to convey your feelings onto your chosen medium, and to share your vision with people around you is an artist's unique privilege. 

Coming from a diplomatic background, extensive travels and constant changing of country and scenery has, admittedly, been challenging at times, but has helped broadened my vision. I began my arts education in Moscow, I have have formally completed it in Washington DC, graduating from Duke Ellington School of Art and, later on, from Corcoran School of Art and Design - but no artist's journey ever stops there. 

My trips to Europe, North America and Asia have inspired me to explore a variety of artistic styles. But it never seems to be enough - I love to explore new ways to express myself and to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the surrounding world.